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Series in production:


What is it about psychopathic killers that so many people find fascinating? Follow our team as we dig deep into some of the darkest brutal true crimes imaginable, in our quest to understand the depravity within in the minds of psychopathic killers. Guided by information provided by some of the most credible informants around the world some still incarcerated and even on death row with nothing to lose.

While many murders around the world get overshadowed by more infamous cases, but these horrific true unsolved cases will be reopened because psychopathic killers never retire.

Behind every unsolved crime, somewhere, somebody knows something.

The Informants series follows in the footsteps of those iconic television shows of yesteryear, In Search Of and Unsolved Mysteries. Using modern technology and confidential insiders, The Informants will open and close some crimes whose trials grew cold decades ago.

Our program was borne out of our search into the 1994 Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman murders "Who Killed Nicole", during the Who Killed Nicole investigation we offered huge rewards and engaged in the most in-depth investigation of our time, from serial killers, to the mob and more. With other lives possibly at stake, our team could not help but follow the Who Killed Nicole case into even more terrifying terrain. During the investigation, we uncovered sealed information, received death threats, terrifying raids from fully armed SWAT teams using flash grenades on our office and were able to talk with individuals who'd make your skin crawl. From this beginning we discovered a shadowy world operating in the light of day - in plain sight a network of psychopaths and serial killers who walk and terrorize an unsuspecting public.

With confidentiality, Informants point us in the right direction so our team of investigators can research, interview, seek out and find where their secrets are buried. Some confidential informants, including convicted serial killers on death row, provided our team with never before seen research material, clues, and facts. The confidential conversations and unsealed files created a perfect road map to help our team locate victims and lead us on a journey into a world so sinister it has startled some of the most seasoned investigators on our team today.

It's our hope The Informants will help families devastated from the loss of their loved ones, and give them closure. Follow our team of investigators as we travel the United States and the world to solve some of the most brutal killings of recent memory. The Informants will let viewers into the minds of monsters - serial killers whose prey lay buried all but forgotten except by their families and the killers themselves.

Our team has been contacted by various informants including convicted serial killers on Death Row turning on their own kind.

Stay tuned! Very soon we will expose the explosive new evidence of our latest investigations!

"The Informants" is what you get when you combine "Expedition Unknown" with "Buried In The Back Yard", "CSI", "Criminal Minds", "Without A Trace", "Law & Order", "NCIS", "Monstresses", "American Justice", "Night Watch", "Fugitive Chronicals", "Bordertown", "Cajun Justice", "The FBI Files", "Homicide Hunter", "Unsolved Mysteries", "Chicago PD", "Obsession", "Wicked Attraction" and add in the Real Devils Rejects!!!

Kenny & Kyle Saylors


The Saylors The Saylor Brothers, Kenny and Kyle, are award-winning Producers, Directors and Founders of Saylors Brothers Entertainment, LTD. During the course of their years of industry success, they have had their hands in practically every medium the industry has to offer, from National and International Television programming to hit music videos, that have topped the charts on Mtv and BET worldwide, to award-winning, critically acclaimed documentaries and feature films. Their work has been featured on Newsweek, BBC, Time Magazine, NY Times, LA Times, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Forbes, Huffington Post, Indie Wire, Charisma, Christianity Today, Fox News among others.

Their current projects induce the Dance Network Original Series The Breakdown: The Science of Dance and The Andrae' Crouch Tribute featuring Stevie Wonder, CeCe Winans, Yolanda Adams, and many more. Their latest feature film project is a gripping docu-drama Veil of Tears released in 2014 to rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. Kyle was DP of the critically-acclaimed film Sound of Redemption with Executive Producer and New York Times #1 Best-Selling author Michael Connelly (Lincoln Lawyer) and Paris-based director N.C. Hiekien.

Past projects created, produced and/or directed by the brothers include:
FOX Sports & Red Bull Television Series, The Gamebreaker, with such NFL stars Dez Bryant, Reggie Bush, DeMarcus Ware, Jason Witten among others.

The Award-winning, critically acclaimed film Kimjongilia (co-produced with Academy Award nominated Mike Figgis of Leaving Las Vegas fame).

The daring film My Finish Line was an exclusive inside the Indy 500, with special guests Mario Andretti and Eric Close (Without a Trace).

The Saylor Brothers have around the world all from the road leading away from the small Texas town where they grew up. The Saylors' passion for creating and continually pushing forward with innovative ideas and skills has led them to create high quality, unique projects with redemptive value for family, as well as the mainstream marketplace/

With the Saylors Brothers it's more than just entertaining, it's entertainment with purpose!

Norman Pardo


Research Specialist

Dubbed by the technology world as "SpiderBoy" for his pioneering efforts in internet search programs, Norm Pardo has contributed much towards the development of the World Wide Web as it is known today. When it comes to research material and clues SpiderBoy Rules The Web! He is experienced at editing HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, SQL, database design and web development and has also worked with editing software like Homesite, Pinnacle, Premier, and Final Cut.

He has personally appeared in Oscar winning films.

As a producer/director he created and distributed numerous films, and worked with some of the most distinguished film directors and celebrities in Hollywood.

An amateur archaeologist, Norman is listed in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) for uncovering what the described as "one of the best preserved archaeological sites in the region." Prehistoric Caloosahatchee Culture Period of Significance: 1749-1500 AD, 1499-1000 AD, 1000-500 AD.


National Register of Historic Places



Vanity FairPeopleUs WeeklyNew York Post

Normans many adventures provided him with the honor of appearing in countless news and TV shows like CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CW33, ESPN, TMZ, Court TV, Access Hollywood, E!, AJ Media, CNN Headline News, HLN, BET, Fox News, AOL, Nancy Grace, Good Morning America, Extra, Inside Edition, Today Show, Eurweb, Express.co.uk, Hollywood Star, Daily Star.co.uk, 100's of radio broadcasts, exposure in Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, Hollywood Reporter, Yahoo, The Sun, Daily Mail, US Magazine, People, Washington Times, Perez Hilton, The Grio, The National Enquirer, Radar Online, InTouch, The Globe, Parade, NY Post, MLive, GQ Magazine, Mirror.co.uk, New York Daily News, Mail Online, Inquirer, The News Press, Daily News, USA Today, Inquisiter, Esquire, The Guardian, Detroit Free Press, Nigeria News, The Christian Post and hundreds of other national and internationally circulated press media.


The Informants team is always ready to start a new investigation and we're opening the search up to you, the public.

With this website anyone can sign up and start collecting information to solve any crime. Help solved crimes by talking to witnesses and informants, collect physical evidence, and search records in our ever-growing database

Informants Wanted is database program bringing together informants, citizens, investigators and law enforcement from across the globe in the fight to solve new and cold cases.

Informants Wanted will allow informants to secretively report a crime directly or be alerted directly by crime scene investigators in their area regarding other crimes.

Formatting options
In addition to names and last place seen, you will also have the ability to post on your personal page, photos, videos, birth dates, descriptions and explanations of the missing person or crime in any area.

*Last Seen location?
*Worked type?
*Age - year only recommended?
*Hair color?
*Skin color?
*Any dental information?
*Drug use?
*Any identifying marks?
*Things of interests?

Start your own investigation, search for evidence and clues used to identify suspects in various crimes and murder cases. Be cautious! Never post anything personal.

Rule 1. Be careful how you use your name. Avoid using your full name. Even a nickname could spell trouble, using an alias is recommended

Rule 2. Never post photos or videos of anyone you don't have permission to post especially children online (especially other people's children without permission).

Rule 3. Never post your personal email online. We recommend the use of a "disposable" email address for posting.

Rule 4. Never give out or post your personal phone number online. We recommend the use of a "disposable" phone for posting.

Remember, your information is the key.

Once your Informants Wanted listing is complete, hopefully someone will come forward to help solve your cold case.

Again, never post your own personal information on this site, only the information of missing loved ones, victims, or cold cases as this site could be monitored by con artists, stalkers, serial killers and alike who feed on the vulnerable.

Also, be very vigilant when talking to witnesses and informants directly, interviewing of witnesses, examining and evaluating clues, collecting physical evidence, or even searching records in our databases.